On laying down the twin offices

Thoughts on laying down the twin offices

Just a little after

laying down my twin offices,

on the superannuation day,

I suddenly feel a strange peace

descending down to my mind.

Oh, what a relief!

No more nagging voices, cacophonic

ringing in the mind’s ear,

shattering the peace within.

No more shrieking ringtones,

anywhere anytime,

popping up some distress call to urgently look into.

No more never ending maneuvering, arguments

with virtually reluctant associates, subordinates

to get even the normal, routine tasks done smoothly.

No more pressures of demands, reasonable or unreasonable,

blames and impotent sarcasms, from disgruntled seekers,

to cope or shrug off.

No more haunting deadlines,

scaring the sleep away

for the rest of the night.

No more thorns pricking, all over,

from the crown to the throne,

leaving behind a restless soul.

 Ah, so beautiful could turn out my world,

Who knew?

But it did! What a relief!

Now, there seems, at long last,

plenty of time ‘to stand and stare.’

Really! Literally!

 — Ashok Misra


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