Keeping Updated

While I was engrossed in typing out an article for my next blog, I noticed a small box very stealthily popping up to the right bottom corner of the screen, announcing ‘successful update’ by the antivirus. It said that my system was completely secure. After a short while, it vanished as silently as it had arrived.

Update, the very word sent my mind flying off to another version of it. Update to me seemed the acronym of the phrase up to date, which was in popular use in earlier times. It refers to the act of keeping oneself informed, thereby being in tune with the current times. A very dynamic and dignified idea, which enables one to move with the times and achieve success in one’s pursuits.

Coming back to update, I reasoned that when our computer keeps updating itself at regular intervals, why can’t we human beings? We need it especially to increase our efficiency and potential to perform our job well and to our best advantage.

On a closer look, it dawned upon me that we have already been doing so, i.e., performing updates for ourselves. How? Very simple, you must have noticed that each one of us, in every walk of life, keeps upgrading him/her- self. Be it a teacher or doctor, a businessman or lawyer, a farmer or labourer, everybody keeps acquiring latest knowledge, information, wisdom, skill etc. concerning his/her field. Thus, knowingly or unknowingly, the process goes on and on.

Although, most of the time, people do it automatically, like a natural action, but probably without labeling it as update. Consciously or sub-consciously, every human being keeps updating himself.

Looking deeply, we find that there are two main aspects to updating. The first involves obtaining latest information and knowledge; and the second, acquiring additional skills related to one’s field.

There are different ways in which people do all those things. The most important being, reading all sorts of current stuff; visiting the electronic media; interacting among peers; and of course, by practicing the skills thus gained.

Interestingly, the youth acts especially as a motivating factor for the senior generation and the harbinger of a new wave into the atmosphere. For instance so many seniors have learnt the use of modern technology, e.g., smart phones and computers, from their juniors.

Thus, after awareness about the significance of updating oneself, one has to adopt and practice it consciously, as a habit. The rich dividends it would fetch would be something to feel happy about it.

—-Ashok Misra

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