Let noble thoughts come…

Somebody uttered the immortal motivational words, ‘You will be what you will to be’. So true, motivating us to be clear about our wishes and desires, ambitions and dreams.

I would like to add a little bit to the golden mantra, ‘You will get what you will to get.’ And I say this on the basis of my experience.

My grandchildren engrossed in building sand castles.

My grandchildren engrossed in building sand castles.

Here is how –

I noticed today that my fb page/wall has gradually turned into a lovely canvas of noble, motivational, spiritual and other pearls of wisdom. For that, I owe a deep debt of gratitude to my enlightened friends and kins, to name a few, Neelam Pande, Gyanendra Misra, Awadhesh Kumar Misra, Sunita Misra, Alok Pande, Christian Mihai, Anuradha Aul, Mansi Tiwari and Sunila Misra and last but top most, the Gangotri of wisdom (motivational) pearls, Robin Sharma. Thank you so much, each one of you, for sharing your contents and positive energy on my page.

However, noble thoughts can come from anyone and anywhere. Rig Veda says, “Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions” [ Aa no bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah ]. Awesome indeed! And sometimes, utterances sound more awesome when they come from someone you never expected, like, kids.

Kids now-a days seem more observant and articulate than their predecessors. A very prominent magazine carries interesting, real life anecdotes in ‘As kids see it’.

Last year, we were at my daughter’s place in Delhi. My daughter, working with an FM radio channel, often gets film premier passes. When she finds time and inclination, she goes to watch it otherwise, sends someone else to enjoy the film.

It was one such weekend. We were at the dining table having our breakfast. There were film passes for four, and we were five. We were considering various options as to which four of us would go for it. My 10 year old grandson, Abhinav and myself were not very keen for the movie.

After a while, he whispered to me, “Nana ji, let us go to Arushi’s place, they may go to movie.” I told everybody about the new proposal. Somebody asked why he wanted to go to cousin’s place instead of the movie. He quietly said, “Because, relations are important.” He is very fond of his cousins, sister (6 yrs.) and brother (2 yrs.), offsprings of my younger daughter staying in Faridabad (near Delhi). Together, they make huge dhamal.

His answer took everybody by surprise. The film held no charm for him against ‘relation(ship)’. We were touched indeed. And his Mom instantly agreed. The passes were gifted to her Chachi (Aunty) living at a short distance.

And finally, we went by his proposal. We all went to Arushi’s place for the whole day. It was great fun. So much for what a ten year old feels about significance of relationships. His answer became a quote, which often comes up in our conversations.

We all have kids around us, in the family, neighborhood, and all around. Their observations and interactions keep amazing and entertaining us. It won’t be a bad idea to share them a little bit, maybe through social networking channels, as I have just done.


———Ashok Misra






One thought on “Let noble thoughts come…

  1. Yes, kids are observant and direct, and they learn from their own families. I’m glad that relationships have been important to us, as taught by our parents and grandparents. I hope our children nurture them and build their own as it is very important in the long run.

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