Looking up at the sky

When there is nothing to do.

there is still something to do.

one has just to find it,

like I did, right now.

on a long train journey.


Caged in my coupe,

sitting by the window,

I found myself drawn into my favourite pastime

‘Looking up at the sky,’

The sky, you know, accompanies us everywhere,

and can be accessed from anywhere, in the open.


With monsoon receding,

winding up its tumultuous season for the year,

the sky is left with sketchy, ethereal patches

of clouds floating here and there,

mesmerizing through innumerable shades,

white to gray to dark

or pink to orange, at approaching dawn or dusk.

entertaining through funny shapes, like those of –

a bird or a dog, a child or a man

an elephant or a fish.

Fish! Aha, a fish floating in the sky!

isn’t funny enough?


Then suddenly, touched, nudged by a gentle wind,

The shape starts moving, in slow motion,

but in just a few moments,

begins melting, disintegrating, fragmenting

and scattering away,

to get into some other shape, or just vanish in the thin air.


Watching it perform its acts is indeed

pretty amusing, entertaining and absorbing..

Ain’t it?

The hues and shapes,

Their forming and unforming and re-forming,

Aren’t those part of their ethereal, transient existence?

and so also, of ours, our lives’?


Incidentally, that piece of deep wisdom

descended upon me, just by

looking up at the sky, the clouds!

When I had nothing to do!



Mumbai monsoon has always been a photographer's delight.

Mumbai monsoon has always been a photographer’s delight.



 —-Ashok Misra




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