During childhood, I had read the story of The Ant and the Grasshopper, and thoroughly enjoyed it. At that time, it seemed just a story, mere kids-stuff, witty and interesting, and carrying a moral. It conveyed the deep message that we should work hard to live our lives well and have an eye at future too. To sum up, we were inspired to be the ant and not the grasshopper.

After passage of virtually a lifetime, I find that whenever there is a person around, looking not serious enough about the fundamentals of life, ignoring its basics, I am reminded of that story.

You must often have found people around you, looking busy without business, but merely whiling away their time in useless pursuits. Doing nothing nor achieving anything worthwhile. Such people depend on others for virtually all their needs, e.g., their parents and family members, friends and neighbours, and when that is not enough, even strangers. They have the art of manipulating and are concerned with their own self alone. They cannot think of others. Such people ultimately prove a liability for others.

Life, we must understand, is a unique gift we living beings have been blessed with. For us, homo sapiens, it is indeed a miracle of god/nature. I have put both the options here because everyone has a right to hold one’s own opinion. Those having faith (in god) choose the former while the atheists, the latter. So, no hassles at all. Life is doubtlessly a precious boon from some supreme power.

All matters related to life, especially soul or spirit, can be understood better through spiritualism. It provides answers to all those mysteries and questions we come across while trying to understand it and living well, and makes living a happier, smoother journey

We all know that life has always been likened to a journey. Why is that so? Because, both involve forward movement. Life keeps moving on forward and so does a journey. To both, there is a start, the main journey, and the end. In fact, it starts right from the mother’s womb, when we are not even fully formed nor conscious that there exists such a thing as life.

Recently I read in an article on spiritualism, “Life is about the journey you make, not about sitting on the shore and counting waves.” That adds another dimension to the basic view. According to it, life is the kind of journey that we make. It is not something that just happens to us, but that which we undertake consciously, in full knowledge and awareness of what it is as well as what its purpose and target are. In the process, we make our decisions about how to live our life and make the journey.

What it is not, on the other hand, is, ‘Sitting on the shore, counting waves.” In other words, sitting on the shore and let it (life – journey) go of its own. That stands for inaction, and a passive approach about living. Added to that, there is, counting the waves, which amounts to an utterly futile activity. That is sheer wastage of time which could be utilized in some gainful manner. That simply shows adopting a casual approach towards life’s journey. It’s just going for a short cut through the crucial journey, like the grasshopper mindlessly did.

Obviously, sitting on the shore and counting waves is not at all an appropriate strategy to undertake the journey called life. Through it, one could simply keep drifting, motiveless, directionless, never finding one’s bearing, and never reaching a proper culmination point even while the end of the journey arrives.

Thus in order to live one’s life well, one ought to make the journey, and not just sit on the shore and count the waves. The sooner one realizes the true import of this idea, the better would the journey be.


Life is the kind of journey that we make. It is not something that just happens to us.

Life is the kind of journey that we make. It is not something that just happens to us.



———–Ashok Misra



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