Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

Wake up!

To the marvel

unfolding with the rising sun.


The last few remnants of the night,

some traces of darkness,

still lingering, hesitatingly, clinging

to the gently swaying leafy branches

of the sprawling trees across.


The nascent sunrays filtering out

to touch, engulf everything

into their golden hug.


The mighty sun,

the moment it opened its eyes,

first captured the eastern corner of the sky,

and gradually painted the snowy clouds golden

with just a few masterly strokes.


Wake up! And capture the marvel

before it dissolves,

vanishes into the vast realm

of the commonplace,

and the sun travels on, climbing high,

burning brighter

and getting busy with his

daily chores.


————-Ashok Misra


Wake Up

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