The Window Within

There’s a window, somewhere within

each one of us.


that always fetches

fresh air and light,

cheer and life,

but only

if opened,

and kept opened long enough,

or forever.

Most people are fully aware, and

like to keep

their life supporting windows

opened always,

they always live

as long as they’re alive.

but a few, hardly ever do that,

and are too unbothered, whether they live or not.

damn care, isn’t it the attitude?

do they live at all?

Don’t know why,

probably ignorance,

they are too ignorant,

to know of

the very existence of any such window,

Maybe, unaware totally of the boons it offers.

Wonder how people manage

to breathe, live and even survive

with the inner windows shut forever.

——Ashok Misra

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