Be Pen Friendly !  

Small world of a writer

The small world of a writer

Be pen friendly ! Make pen your friend ! Not just by going for all those expensive brands circulating in the market, and making your shirt pocket their showcase, but by writing and being a writer. I would wish everyone who reads this blog make it his/her tagline, and if not already a writer, then become one as fast as possible.

Starting as toddlers, at school or even before that, we all have been writers. We have been writing our class notes and test/examination papers; official letters and business communications and so on. Some of us even stray into the fascinating zone of writing poems, stories, and plays and even feature articles. But, the number of people joining the latter group is considerably low. That prompted me to write this blog. It states that one should befriend the pen and get into writing non-routine things, especially, literary.

Talking of routine or non-routine types, let us say that all we write as part of our studies, job or other such purposes is the routine writing; while that which we do as expression of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, with a touch of creativity, is the creative writing. It is called creative literature.

Writers, I have found, enjoy a high reputation in the society. They are viewed with considerable respect, even awe, by those who come in their contact. Why? Somebody once said, ‘Those who read good books are in company of the greatest minds. I entirely agree with this view. Their greatness reflects in their body language.

That is not all. Noted English essayist, Sir Francis Bacon said, “Reading maketh a full man; conference, a ready man; and writing an exact man.” In other words, writers are the most exact, correct of all people. (‘Of Studies’. Sir Francis Bacon). So it would not be a bad idea to go for it.

While starting my blog, ‘Creative Expressions’, I had this aspect in mind. After uploading a couple of posts, I got some followers, and I too started following many. Going through their blogs, I discovered how fast has this network of writers spread, far and wide. People are reading and writing a lot. There is no dearth of good writers, and readers too. Happily, this is a global phenomena, encompassing all lands and categories of people, from youth to the aged. But, there is scope for a lot more. A large number of aspiring writers are waiting hesitatingly there in the wings, to get on to the centre-stage and showcase their talent. The big question haunting them is, how? How to go about that? How to take the first step?

First of all, one has to get free from hesitation. Easy, one should say to oneself. ’Yes! Yes, I want to be a writer! I can write! I shall write! I’m going to be a great writer!” Once this declaration is made, one would instantly jump to the next point, how? And the mind would start racing in that direction.

If you happen to be an aspiring writer, you have to tell yourself many things, like, reminding yourself about your earliest forays into creative writing. Remember the poems and stories you wrote for recitation or narration, or even for school magazines. Try to recollect how you put together those early attempts, and also some glorious moments, how elated you felt at that moment, and especially the applause you got from your teachers, friends and parents. Make that moment your diving board from where to take plunge into the deep ocean of creative writing. Make a firm resolution to yourself, I am going to write, daily.

Next, the writing skills! You have to take stock of your arsenal of writing skills. Think of that in terms of two aspects, content and form. Content is the ‘what’ and ‘form’ the ‘how’ of the writing. Form mainly includes language skills, e.g., vocabulary, idioms and phrases, figures of speech, grammar, syntax, etc. Remember, a writer ought to possess all those linguistic skills to the level of expertise, because any error is unpardonable in the printed form. But again tell yourself, problems are challenges which an aspiring writer has to accept and overcome. It is interesting to note that no writer wrote the finished piece at first go. He/she had to do many drafts to give it the perfection a publication requires.

Speaking of perfection, one would do well to read successful, popular writers to learn the tricks of the trade. Remember, voracious readers make better and more successful writers as they have more idea about selection of themes, weaving plots and creating the whole thing.

Many writers are too shy to share their writings with others. But writing, unless it is a personal diary/journal, is meant to be shared with readers all over. When you realize that your writing is fit enough to see the light of the day, go out and find yourself a publisher. Of course, that is the toughest job, sometimes even harder than writing itself, but that has to be faced in order to reach out to the readers. Each successful publication carries an incentive for the next one. That is the how bestsellers are produced. Who knows, it could be you too.

And finally, perhaps you know, you learn swimming by swimming; driving by driving; singing by singing and dancing by dancing. So why not learn writing by writing? That is the sure shot mantra the aspiring writer has to chant and work upon. Yes, write daily. Spare a slot for writing in your daily routine. Get yourself a writing table and a comfortable chair, a table lamp and a computer, some leaves of paper and off course a pen. And start your affair with the pen. By and by, taking one step after another, you would surely be successful in joining the elite band of writers one day.

Ashok Misra

2 thoughts on “Be Pen Friendly !  

    • Thank you so much for enjoying reading ‘Be Pen Friendly’. I feel honored.The whole idea behind my writing the blog is to spread awareness among creative and not so creative people and spur them on to express themselves as beautifully as possible. I’m glad you’ve picked my point so well and feel inspired to write. In fact I am touched by your modesty as I can see you writing so well already. Just keep writing consciously, regularly to enjoy the bliss of creativity in you.

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