Voices of Silences  


 Ever seen,

some solitary dawn or dusk,

the silence of a lake?

Tranquil, cool, transparent,

beneath the surface

deep somewhere,

ever had a peep, to see

what goes on within?

Just put your ear for a while.

You will find, if you strain a little harder,

hear closely and sympathetically,

they almost speak, yes, those silences,i

but what do they voice, how?

Silences too have voices,

they are not tongueless

as they appear,

they do strive to speak,

in their own style, manner.

Sometimes in a low tone, murmuring,

sometimes in a sad tone, lamenting

or sometimes in a scream

full of desperate frenzy,

for someone to listen, understand.

Silences are not that silent even,

as people assume themselves.

They are just an attitude, meaning,

‘Oh, let go of it, just no use

saying anything at all.’

———Ashok Misra





12 thoughts on “Voices of Silences  

      • You have a lot of really well written and insightful articles that I enjoyed as well. But, I like to think on those rather than engage in dialogues. (I know, not my best quality. I just prefer whimsy) But, I’ll just say that what you wrote about Pen on paper vs technology and how our handwriting is a form of identity was interesting.


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