God Bless You!

Lines composed on a friend’s heroic battle against the dreaded blood cancer and ultimately…conquering it.


I know

it’s tough, unimaginably so,

deadly rather

the biggest test of your life.

the biggest threat to your life.

God bless you my friend!


You’re cornered

by a deadly enemy.

So stealthily it invaded,

you had not an iota of knowledge.

You puffed and panted,

and knew not why,

you pined and grew emaciated

and knew not how.


And then you grew conscious,

and suspicious, and alert.

It became apparent who it was.

You discovered, to your horror,

the extent to which it had

consumed you.

Oh! What a shock!

To you and all those around.


Something must be done, and fast.

It must be stopped, and conquered, and

vanquished, totally.


Your spirit

could just not bear to see it

thrive on your body, an soul.

The tormented soul rose

and went into a combat,

attacking the villain with all its might,

in a desperate frenzy,

to protect the hapless body,

to save the precious life,

the soul within.

A fierce fight for survival,

it’s either you or him,

both just can’t exist together.


Heartening! Your valiant fight

soon started to show

chinks in the foe’s armour.

Buck up, a voice within exhorted,

keep the pressure on,

God bless you, and help,

because, He helps those

who help themselves.


Look around,

he’s sent such an army,

to stand by you,

support, join hands with you

in all your efforts, and

see you victorious,




Ashok Misra




2 thoughts on “God Bless You!

    • Yes, I was wondering whether you got it or not. Thanx so much for your nice words of appreciation. It was such a sensitive, scary issue that I hesitated making it public. Now that everything got okay, I did.


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