Your Time Starts Now!

100_6407The route to happiness in life passes through clusters of achievements. The more in number they happen to be the merrier our life turns out. Each achievement is the outcome of our action and performance, of how well we spend our time, each day, every single moment.

That amounts to saying, we ought to make the most of our day. We should utilize our time and not waste a single moment in inactivity, lethargy, or meaningless pursuits. In modern parlance, we need to practice effective time management. But the big question is, how? How to go about making the most of our day?

Let us start with a simple question we need to ask ourselves, ‘How many hours are there in our single day? Silly question, isn’t it? May be, but worth asking. Do we have sufficient number of hours in our day, i.e., our waking day? That takes us to our wake up time. Are we early risers or late, or just about okay? To do well, we must give our day the maximum number of hours that we can. We have to rise early.

Mornings, as you know, usually start with a number of routine chores, all equally important in their own ways. Basically, there are hygiene and health activities. And when we say ‘health’, we mean health of body as well as mind. One type is followed by the other in a set pattern. For body, apart from toiletries, one may practice workouts/exercises, or go for a morning walk/jogging etc.

As for mental health, there are mainly spiritual activities like meditation and yoga; and even religious, devotional ones like watching/listening devotional songs or sermons, visiting a temple, etc. All that for a happy start of the day. The more time one is able to spare for these activities, the better. Remember, all those activities provide us the energy, physical as well as mental, to run our affairs during the day. We obtain the extra edge for achieving our daily dose of success and achievement.

Early morning, when the mind is relatively at peace, is also the time to think about and plan the tasks we are going to undertake during the day. Obviously, there are a number of things vying for our attention everyday and we ought to do justice to them all. The big question is where to start. Here comes the role of the manager in us and of course, time management. We could well jot down all the tasks in a small note-book and run a careful eye over it for a while, trying to make a schedule for the things on the list. We have got to prioritize them to make them more practicable and smooth in operation. The criteria being, the important ones first and then the rest.

Remember, this privilege is usually enjoyed by early risers alone. The late risers have to skip many of the activities mentioned above. Their day gets truncated by the number of hours they oversleep themselves. As a result, they have to rush for everything all through the day, often missing their targets and being unable to do things to their own satisfaction. That has a direct bearing on their performance and achievement and satisfaction quotient, at the close of the day. Needless to say, in that proportion, their happiness too eludes them. If that type of routine becomes a pattern, it has deep rooted impact on the quality of life they have to lead in the long run.

That is why, if you do not take timely care, you may fail to accumulate the clusters of achievements sufficient to make your lives happy and successful. The sooner you realized this, the better it would be. After all, you only live once. There is no time to waste. You have to utilize every single moment of your day. Remember, your time starts now!

——–Ashok Misra

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