Let me be…

Let me be…

( a child’s appeal to his/her parents)

 Let me be…

Papa, Mummy…please

Let me be…

what I am,

not what you are.

I promise, I’ll be you

when I grow up…maybe your age

but not now, please.

I want to play with my friends

in the neighbourhood,

or in the park,

please don’t spoil my game.

I want to run out in the monsoon rain,

dancing like a merry peacock

soaking all through,

flowing paper boats

in the stream by the roadside,

like my friends do,

Please do not tell me I’d catch a cold,

or infection from mud water.

I want to climb up trees,

like I saw those village kids doing, on TV.

They looked so happy.

Please, don’t panic

nor scare me, that I’ll fell down.

I’ll be careful enough.

I want to explore my own world a bit,

looking at it with my own eyes,

learning all about it through experience,

as you did ages ago,

when you were my age.

Yes, Dada ji (Grandfather) told me

all you did,

when you were me,

so why all this fuss?

why hold me back, panic, put fear

into my carefree, fearless, childhood days?

Please, let me live my childhood to the full,

Please, let me be…Papa, Mummy!

                                                                                                                             ———Ashok Misra




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