Musings at Dusk

Musings at Dusk

How fascinating, enchanting

it seems, watching the dusk scene?

Why does it look so mesmerizing, so mysterious,

to watch the sun,

at the end of the day?


Just have a look at the evening sun,

looking pretty tired, exhausted,

but glorious, graceful enough,

in the shades of vermillion and orange,

inching its way downwards,

to touch the horizon tenderly,

pause a fleeting moment,

for one last look, a glimpse,

and take the dip down under,

leaving the world behind,

to the world of darkness,

the night with its moon and stars.

A journey is a journey, my friend!

Be it a day long tour of the sun or

the man’s long journey of life.

Each comprising, heading for

a glorious dawn,

an illustrious daytime

and finally, the parting…dusk.

Followed only by a cool, starry night,

for rest, sleep and rebirth

The next morn’.


Ashok Misra

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