Always Miss You Phillip Hughes!

Always Miss You Phillip Hughes!

Death does not open its cards, till the last moment. You know why? So that one doesn’t die before actual death. So that hope lasts till the final moment. Phil Hughes played till his last conscious moment. As the old axiom says, he died in harness…in a freakish accident.

Everything seemed absolutely normal that day. He woke up to see the morning sun, all unaware that it was his last one. At the players’ pavellion, just before his turn, he padded up, put on his helmet,  gloves, collected his bat, and paced out beaming with confidence and hope. The next moment, he was at the crease and the action started. Nobody knew Death was hovering over, its icy hands itching to pick the designated victim.

Then the unexpected happened. The seasoned young batsman in a bid to hook the ball for the boundary, missed the line, and the ball struck the highly vulnerable point at the neck. It did not even hit the skull but struck the fleshy part just below, and ruptured an artery. The poor lad fell unconscious, never to regain his senses. The next couple of days were a dual between life and death, and finally the latter won, leaving the entire cricketing world, especially Australia, in a thick pall of gloom. Phillip Hughes was no more.

Michael Clarke, a deeply shocked and desolate Australian skipper, said in his teary condolence message, “Words cannot express the loss we all feel as a team right now.”

He added, “World cricket has become poorer with the loss of Hughes.” And, “Our dressing room will never be the same. We loved him and always will. Rest in peace, Brussy.” These soulful words represent the sense of grief and loss of the entire Australia as a cricketing super power.

The loss has left behind deeper impact, as far as Australian cricket is concerned. After much speculation, the first test against touring India stands postponed. Hughes’ funeral would be on Wednesday, just one day before the test had to start. It was a tough decision to make, but this is indeed a mourning time and the team would certainly not be emotionally strong enough to get into the fighting mode at once. Australian authorities must be appreciated for their sensitive and caring attitude towards their boys.Their first job is to get them back to their emotional health so as to be able to face the calamity and return to their usual sporting self.

Time, it is said, is the best healer. When the wound is too deep, much has to be left to it to make a healthy recovery. Let us hope, team Australia reverts back to its old form as fast as possible.

Speaking of coping with deep anguish, caused by loss of a dear one, I am reminded of Lord Krishna’s immortal words he uttered at Kurukshetra, to ward away Arjuna’s grief at having to fight his own kins. Krishna explained to him the truth underlying man’s life, which is composed of body and soul. According to him, body is the mere garment of the soul. He said, “Vasansi jeernarni yatha vihaya / navani grihanati naroaparani / tatha shareerani vihaya jeerna – / nyanyani sanyati nayani dehi.” (“Men cast off worn out garments and put on new ones. Even so the soul casts off worn out bodies, and enters into new bodies.”) Such thoughts do help in soothing the nerves and bringing peace to disturbed minds.

So, even though we can never forget the loss of the shining star of Australian cricket, we have to accept the reality that ‘life goes on!’ Rest in peace Phillip Hughes…we’ll always miss you!


Ashok Misra


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