Chasing Dreams and Illusions

Chasing Dreams and Illusions

World, they say, is shrinking,

boundaries narrowing.

pretty tempting for man to desire,

spread arms, overstretch, to capture

as big a chunk

as his dreams may cover, capture,

with a marathon…rat race,


running furiously,

faster…ever faster,

without a pause to breathe, nor

taste the fruits of his labour, nor

share with those

who shower care.

Instead, gathering tiredness on the way,

fatigue and stress,

unhappiness and unfulfilment

and …loneliness.

 By the time the goal post shows,  dimly

at distance, at the horizon,

with time goading to rush faster, still faster

lest the sun sets

before the dreams are touched, fulfilled,

and the illusion realized.


 Ashok Misra

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