Sharing Cool Warmth with Nocturnal Traveler

Sharing Cool Warmth with Nocturnal Traveler

Early winter morning, when

the moon seemed to overstay

and the sun procrastinating its first ray,

as I, through a slight dewy chill,

approached to unlock the outer gate,

my eyes all of a sudden rose up, skywards

to see how much of darkness

was still left there

before the early morning sun rays appeared, moving on

to erase the darkness

totally, for the day.

To my delight, up in the sky,

there stuck the moon,

gazing down with a sweet,

benign smile I have known since childhood.


Our gazes met

and an exchange of cool,

not cold, vibes took place.

‘Thank you O Moon,’

I suddenly heard myself addressing

the divine night watchman,

for throwing down your tender shine,

to show me the way through darkness,

without which, I would have to grope

for the exact position

of the keyhole to put the key in.

‘No man, the pleasure is mine,

you woke up early enough,

to have a word with me,

it’s so peaceful all about, isn’t it?’

‘Yes lovely, so refreshing…’ I blurted out.

‘Good for your mind, and body and…soul, right?’

‘Absolutely!’ I could not but agree.

‘Great, and before I take my leave for the day,

vanish, let me just wish you a very good morning.’

I was thrilled…and touched.

‘Thank you very much, O Divine friend,

for being with me for a while,

speaking to me, and wishing me well!

See you again, after the sun sets, bye!

And I turned my steps back,

with a cool warmth of the nocturnal traveler,

to return indoors.


Ashok Misra


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