Entertainers at their Best

Entertainers at their Best

Children, I have found are the best entertainers. They immensely charm and entertain us with their simple, innocent, uninhibited, acts and antics. Provided we have an eye and ear for them, and are willing to be their pal, with age no bar.


This morning, during my walk at Moti Jheel (Kanpur), I suddenly found someone scrambling to overtake me on the track. It was a little boy of about 4-5, in full winter gear, thick jacket, cap and all those protective accessories against the chilly north Indian winter. In a jiffy, his racy steps overtook me by about two metres. After a while, the gap reduced as I with my longer legs easily overtook him. Undeterred, he again got into overdrive mode, but as he was level and about to leave me behind, I poked, “Hey no running allowed…that’s cheating.” And then what amazed me was, he gave a side glance to me, with a brief smile. He instantly stopped running and was by my side for a moment.

Now it was my turn to show a bit of generosity. I said, “It’s okay, you’re a little child, so you’re allowed racing. Go ahead.” He picked my word and instantly got into his rabbit steps. Then from behind, I said, “Okay, whoever touches that corner first becomes the winner.” Do I have to tell you who won? I said with a pat, “Very good, shabash (kudos). “ The glee on his face was pretty charming. And we parted on that note.

Coincidentally, let me reveal, we were complete strangers until just a few moments ago, but struck a cordial note so fast. As simple as that…and quite an entertainment. I wonder how sometimes joy comes to us in such simple forms. We just have to become a part of it, play some role in it, and in return, derive a few moments of pure happiness.

Ashok Misra    


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