World of Words

World of Words


Words are symbols,

standing for  

what we mean to say, 

wish to convey. 

Word are symbols.


Words are power 

enabling our tongue 

to speak, communicate, interact

and make all our affairs

of the world go. 

Words are power.


Words are treasure,

 of thoughts

and ideas, 

feelings and emotions, 

moods and attitudes,

  too valuable, precious

to waste, splurge unnecessarily.

Words are treasure.


Words are naad 

naad is Brahma,

the omnipotent, omniscient,

and omnipresent.

Feel the might of the ‘Brahma’! 

Words are naad.


Ask someone,

deprived of the blessing called words

some muted soul,

or the hearing impaired,

about the value, worth of words, 

and just look at his/her face. 

Do I have to say any more?


Words are the voice,

words are us,

we are what our words are.

Words are our world!




Ashok Misra



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