Rest in Peace, O Innocents!

Rest in Peace, O Innocents!

The sun rose,

beaming its golden rays all about,

to wish yet another ‘Good Morning’

to the humanity.

But then there rose dark clouds above,

and the sun, as if on a sudden intuition,

withdrawing all its sunshine,

every single ray of light

plunged into some deep abyss,

vanishing, leaving behind horrifying darkness.

Sounds and sounds,

ear shattering gunshots,

punctuated by piercing shrieks of pain and death.

more gunshots,

instantly followed by more shrieks,

seemingly an unceasing duel,

until the last, the very last breath left

in the vast pool or gory red stream

of blood of the innocents,

the cynosures of their doting mothers, proud fathers.

Stunned, shocked, deeply pained

and anguished,

 the world helplessly watched,

hardly finding words to react at the horror,

what to say of act

to stop gross inhumanity

against kids and females

and all other innocents.

Rest in peace all the helpless victims

of the brazen harbingers of death!

We all mourn your traumatic end,

and pray to god

for courage to all those,

who born and brought you up

to lighten their homes, lives!

Prayer I think, seems

the only worthwhile reaction at the moment,

and a hope that the sun

would rise yet again, with its golden rays

beaming all around,

to make this world fit enough

for humanity

to live, survive and flourish.


Ashok Misra


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