Reflections on the New Year Eve


As we like 

to start a new day,  

every single day,  

on a breezy, chirpy, fragrant 

‘Good morning’ note,

It’s always

a great feeling

to start a new year

with a ‘Happy New Year’ chant,

in all directions, 

touching every rejoicing soul.


Just imagine,  

if a mere ‘Good Morning’ 

spreads a cool, warm smile on your face, 

good enough to make your day,  

what wonders

can a full blooded, delightful ‘Happy New Year’ work, 

shower on you

and for how long?


Can’t figure out? No worries!

Try simple arithmetic

1×365 = 365 happy days!

As simple as that!


Whatever…reason enough to go for it!  


The clock is ticking fast,

you’ll have to keep pace with it,

ignite the fire within, the cheer, 

turn social for a while,

have a blast, go crazy  

and wish everyone, everywhere 




 Ashok Misra


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