All for Laughter

All for Laughter


Laugh, because they say

 ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you, 

weep, and you weep alone.’ 

An age-old wisdom, ain’t it?

The art of living…a happy,

healthy, meaningful life.


Laughter, they say 

is the best antidote to gloom, stress 

and a proven prescription

for re-energizing oneself. 

So grab it, de-stress, re-energize your soul 

and those of others

you share the laughter with, because

you know, laughter is infectious, contagious,

but of healthy type. 


Time to wake up 

and catch the laughing instinct 

before it’s too late, 

and the great re-energizer, de-stresser

winds up to leave you alone,

to grapple with your energy starved,

stressed, miserable existence.


The best laughter, they say 

is the one you laugh at yourself. 

Nothing to be shy about,

and also remember,

it’s always better to laugh with others,

not at others,

to generate unbounded love and bonhomie.  


So why not pick your laughing audience 

plunge yourself into it,  

and spread the healthy spirit

to laugh and love and live 

your life to the full !




Ashok Misra




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