Early Winter Mornings


Early Winter Mornings

Early mornings are always beautiful,

so sublime, divine,

and when they are winter mornings,

just awesome!

Wrapped under a flimsy,

opaque sheet of fog,

vapours of mist, most ethereal

rising, hovering

above the still lake,

in a bid to embrace

the virtually chilled earth,

in moist green attire

sprayed with micro droplets of dew

here and there.

The sun seems lazing out a little longer,

holding its rays in check a bit more,

allowing the earth

to relish the dim hues

of grey and dark,

the dreamy spell,

until the morning actually breaks out,

with sunshine

and the reality is visible,

in the light of day, in full colours.

To an avid morning gazer,

Early winter mornings are like that,

Early winter mornings are just like that!

Awesome…truly awesome!


Ashok Misra


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