Life…Beyond the Two Poles

Birth and death 

are the two poles 

across the long span of life. 

Birth, the START,

and death,

the  FINISH 

of the classic marathon. 


But life is certainly not,

a mere span, a journey between

the two poles. 

It’s a lot more,

lengthier than what you usually assume.   

How??? Like this –


Life, you know pretty well, 

starts much earlier, 

inside the mother’s womb,

when the foetus starts breathing,

matching its beats with those of it’s mother, 

forming, growing and evolving 

into a perfect creation of God…

and the mother.


And the death,

swoops down on its prey, 

disintegrating soul from body,

liberating the soul 

and disposing the body

as an empty shell, a mere scrap.

to be one with the earth

it got its bodily existence from.


But  neti, neti they say,

it’s not the final, the last that we see of the life.

The end of the body, 

Issuance of the death certificate

do not put an end to the life,

which beats on in the mortal hearts 

until the last one stops. 


That’s the bonus, the reward,

you receive for living a noble life, 

full of love, humanity and compassion. 

That is why some people

never seem to die, they remain

sort of Immortal.



Ashok Misra




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