Of Bygones and Bliss

Time passes,

ticks on every single day, moment,


time passes. 


So much happens, everyday, 

good or bad, happy or sad, 

with each one of us. 

Sometimes shared with someone, 

a friend, soulmate  

but not always. 

Too often, it’s just left unshared, uncared  

allowed merely to pile up 

gathering dust somewhere

in a remote, dark recess 

of the mind.


Sharing in retrospect?

Pouring out to someone? 

Well, I won’t say, perhaps because

time passes, 

and the day’s happenings,

like a tempting cuisine, 

go stale, no longer fit

to consume or serve. 

to anyone – friend, soulmate.

After all, who cares, for the past

day’s newspaper, stale news?


Bygones be better bygones,  

living in the present is bliss. 

So, why not go for the BLISS? 




Ashok Misra


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