I know the world is not falling,

nor shattered, nor scattered.

but then, why does it look so?


Pace, perhaps,

it’s zooming ahead in frenzy,

desperately seeking

I know not what.


‘But tell me,’

 I ask myself,

was it, the world,

built for that?

maybe…who knows?


I only know,

I see its fragments,

meteors shooting in all directions.

Why can’t it just look intact,

in it’s elements?

I wish it did.


I know it’s still there,

Not falling, certainly not!

Maybe I had an illusion

and those fragments I saw,

were not the shooting sharpnels of the world,

But mere images of a man,

shattered, fragmented, scattered.


Pace, it seems has taken it’s toll!

Pace, beyond doubt has taken it’s toll!



Ashok Misra


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