Sharing…With Early Birds


Early morning 

when one is still in a dilemma, 

to quit or not to quit… 

the cozy comfort of the bed, 

the temptation to laze out a little longer, 

birds outside chirp out loud,

in a chorus,  exhorting the lazy bum

to instantly shed the lazing mode 

and join them for a while.


‘Okay-okay,’ the semi-awakened one

utters, and approaches the window.  

Hey, here I am, you ‘early birds

catching the worm’.

What do you think I’ll do?

Catch worms like you?

No-no, just leave them for us, they’re birdsfeed, 

you look for your own stuff.


My stuff? Then, why did you wake me up

at this early hour? 

What shall I share with you?

Share? Good question! Cool!

Listen, we can share the unadulterated morning air,

and the music we so soulfully produce and enjoy

Come, join us for our perky delights.

See how happy we look, just catch a little bit of it. 


And if still bored,

we’ll entertain you with our chatter. 

What else you want and need?

But…I can’t get a single word you utter…

in your alien language.

Don’t go over mere words my dear,

try to absorb our body language

what does it say?’


It’s … oh yes,

it’s mirth and mirth, all the way from head to paw.

Amazing! See how promptly you got it! Pretty intelligent!

And you know it’s infectious too.

Just catch the infection, feel the mirth 

and live the blissful moments of your life,

with not a worry to worry you  just as we do, the birdsfolk.



Ashok Misra



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