For a Speck of Light

100_6473 - Copy


juggling through a dark patch in life,

engrossed deep in thoughts,

one finds oneself, suddenly

surrounded by a thick pall of gloom, 

blinding, immobilizing,

as if lost in a wild, thick forest 

on a dark scary night, 

with not a ray of light to show

the path back home to safety.


I don’t know what others do,

but I pause, try to regain my breath,

shut the eyes and delve deep within,

looking for a speck of light, however small.


And when the eyes are opened,

there appears a dim ray of light,

feeble though, but enlightening enough, 

to enable me to hold, recollect and

compose myself,

and take a step forward, then another, then another…

amazingly, as I move onward,

the light too seems to be moving along,

as if I held a small lamp on my palm,

shielding with the other hand the tiny flame,

And taking small, careful steps,

one after another,

I finally manage to reach back home,

heaving a huge sigh of relief. 


Isn’t it worthwhile? A miracle rather?

In an anxious, crippling moment,

to look within,

for all enlightenment

and strength one needs, 

to sail through the rough times





Ashok Misra



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