In the Voyage of Life

A voyage of life

always begins,

in a slow, modest manner.

The boat being untied from the river shore,

pushed up a little towards the stream,

and then the oars taking over

to do the needful.


Once in the stream,

the boat finds its open route.

With the oars moving

confidently, rhythmically,

steering it on its way.

 Through waters deep or shallow,

negotiating sometimes between rocks,

in weather calm or breezy or stormy,

the journey goes on and on.


In the long voyage, full of ups and downs,

a partner comes quite handy, naturally.

Two plus two make four hands

to run the oars, together or alternately,

and also, two heads…minds,

are definitely better equipped

to handle the task,

meet the challenges on the way,

and steer through

till the final destination.


But conditions apply…

the co-passengers ought to be

cool and harmonious,

birds of one feather, working in tandem

to move in the same direction.


Any disharmony on the boat,

arguments and ego clashes,

do rock the boat precariously,

making it lose its direction,

getting stuck in shallow waters or sandy shores,

or crashing disastrously against some rock

to split and sink.

A sad end to the voyage of life.


But cool!

All this is not to intimidate,

nor put fear into your mind.

It’s just to make you know thy voyage and

how to sail through smoothly,

living, enjoying every bit of it.

Because…life, my friend, is awesome indeed!

It’s worth living and

the voyage, worth undertaking!


Ashok Misra






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