Footprints on the Dewy Grass


Early morning 

walking in the park, 

I picked some footprints, freshly laid,

on the dewy grass.


Mesmerizing indeed, 

the sight of the pearl studded,

lush green flooring 

with a pair of shoeprints…smudges,

traversing from one side

to the other,

disappearing finally across the hedge.


Footprints, simply put, 

are the marks that indicate, 

someone has trodden the untrodden track

before you.

A confirmation,

there lies a path ahead. 

You may choose to follow

or make one of your own.


But, no point in getting entangled

in the knowledge web, nor philosophy.

No time to waste.

Just grab the moment, feel the thrill

at the sight of the sparkling dew drops

vying to outshine each other 

in the soft, gentle rays of the rising sun.


Why? Because you know

the awesome miniature droplets,  

highly fragile, volatile,

would soon evaporate…vanish into the thin air,

as the sun rises higher, turns warmer,

withdrawing its miracle for the day.




Ashok Misra


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