When the Road Is Slippery

When the road is slippery 

and going, tough, 

one needs to exercise extra caution 

and move with

careful, small steps, 

for a while.


No need to panic 

nor lose patience! 

Just to brace up…muster

confidence that it’s okay,  it’ll be okay. 

A quick reaffirmation of faith

in oneself and Him 

and maybe a little bit of intuition,

to make a quick…rather instant decision

about what to do and how.


That seems about all,

the need of the moment…hour 

to see oneself across the hazard

safe, unharmed, 

whenever, wherever in life,

the road is slippery 

and going, tough!



Ashok Misra 


2 thoughts on “When the Road Is Slippery

    • Thank you so much Maneesh for your comment and reblogging my poem. I appreciate your suggestion for some more thoughts in the poem. That shows how closely you have read the poem and want to see more in it. I’ll surely expand it to give it a wider conceptual space.


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