Faces…and faces

photos 002 RAWE.Pachnada.18 Sept. 023 RAWE.Pachnada.18 Sept. 028

Faces…and faces! 

Isn’t it amazing,

how they suddenly pop up

on the canvas,

sometimes as a flashback, 

loaded with fond memories.


Faces…and faces, 

some of which I never knew 

were still there, 

left behind ages ago, 

as I moved on from

one phase to another, 

in the long journey called life. 


Faces…and faces,

Isn’t it amazing 

how they spring up

from the earliest childhood –

parents and siblings; 

uncles, aunts and grandparents;

relatives, neighbours

and acquaintances. 


Faces…and faces,

from the earliest school,

like, my first class-teacher 

who held my hand when my uncle

dropped me at the portico stairs,

guided me to my first class room. 

Or at the later schools,

and even from college days.


No the count does not stop there,

the largest collection comes,

most recently,

from about a forty years’ span

running through my teaching job

at the university…

thousands and thousands of

students and colleagues,

seniors and juniors 

all enriching my unfathomable store 

in their own fabulous ways.


Faces and faces,

that gave me such great times,

seeming now at leisure

even fonder with a generous dose of nostalgia – 

my friends, close ones and the rest

or just classmates/schoolmates;

or playmates and a lot more kinds,

keep flitting through the mind, sometimes… 

when I hear a song we hummed together,

or read a poem or story we shared

or visit a place we were together or toured.


Who says memory falters,

recall gets harder with age?

Just grow old alongwith all those happy faces

you’ve subconsciously stored there

deep in your memory,

your mind and heart,

And see the magic!

And live the magic!




Ashok Misra



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