O Nepal…our heart goes out to you


O Nepal…O Kathmandu!

Our heart goes out to you, 

and a wordless prayer

escapes our frozen lips,

to put balm on your grievous wounds 

sustained by the unimaginable

brunt of the nature’s fury.


The world is too shocked, traumatized!

Your tremours and devastation

have sent up the entire humanity

into deep, debilitating shock 

dumbfounded, all hands raised heavenwards 

in incoherent prayers, 

because the calamity beggars all description.


One moment 

you were a glittering jewel,

the cynosure of all eyes ,

bubbling, overflowing with zest of life 

and the very next,

all hell was let loose. 


One touch…just one touch turned

the glory of the Himalayas into

a Himalaya of rubble, both

of mangled architectural

and human bodies fused together. 

The soul having been

squeezed out

of the mortal body

in most gruesome manner.

Left behind are deafening echoes of

heart rending shrieks and wails 

threatening to haunt the surviving humanity

for the rest of the life.


Act of nature?

seismic phenomena?

Whatever, it defies all reasoning! 

An ocean of terrified humanity 

huddled in makeshift tents or

parks or other open spaces, 

braving aftershocks

as well as heavy downpours 

in utter, unbearable misery. 


Death toll mounting, crossing the 4000 mark,

with the count still ticking on. 

Desperate rescuers, put on the job instantly, 

like the NDRF teams

of committed professionals,

sniffing down through the unfathomable rubble 

for any signs of life to retrieve.


A human tragedy

of unprecedented magnitude, 

a nightmare

one would wish never happened, 

won’t be easy at all to leave behind.

One can’t figure out, O Nepal,

how you’d come to terms

with the stark reality.


But you know,

death is followed by rebirth,

destruction by rebuilding, renovation and revival. 

And after the initial shock and trauma, 

you’re bound to bounce back

and retrieve from the rubble,

pieces of life,

and start breathing, living yet again.


That is our wish, desire and prayer. 

May He help you, bless you with

all the courage and grit needed

to survive, rise and move on

to the past glory and beyond!



 Ashok Misra



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