Picking life…through the rubble

I saw some ground zero pictures today

in the newspaper, one showing 

many earthquake victims –

shattered men and women, 

emerging from a mound

of rubble that once

was their home, 

They carried items of household goods,

especially kitchen appliances.


Another picture portrayed   

a woman, by the roadside,  

cooking meals on a kerosene stove,

with just the bare kitchen necessities,

put together I don’t know how, 

to feed the hungry…starving family 

living under constant fear and misery 

for so many days.


So touching…and unimaginable even,

the desperate sifting through

the debris, picking up belongings

here and there, trying

to retrieve whatever survived

the killer onslaught miraculously,

in a brave bid to

put up a makeshift shelter,

and restart living.


A stark testimony that 

calamities do visit, perform

their tandav, the dance of destruction, 

and move on, leaving behind

a horrible dark trail of

death and destruction.

But life, never gives up,

whatever of it is left behind,

it somehow rises…to its knees, feet

and moves on, with 

feeble, faltering steps,

it does resume the journey, from

where it had paused.

Yes, life goes on…through ups and downs,

in all ruggedness,

It goes on!




Ashok Misra 



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