Just give yourself a smile

Next time 

as you stand before a mirror, 

just give yourself

a pleasant smile…sweet and cheesy, 

because you may not find a matching one

shortly from others outside.


Your smile to your own self 

would definitely be

a pure one, genuine, beaming

and free from any shades

or meanings,

and would beyond doubt,

make your day.


But be careful not to overdo and 

get into a laughter 

all by yourself. 

Or a wrong signal might go out

if someone happens to overhear. 

Laughters, you know,  

are usually meant to be

shared with others, enjoyed in company,

to the mirth of everyone.


So next time…and every time  

you face a mirror,

don’t forget to say

the widest cheese to yourself 

and set out on a happy, cool note!



Ashok Misra


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