Mind your growth — mental and spiritual


Plants and trees shed their leaves once a year. They stand leafless for a while, and then shoots start sprouting. Gradually, silently the shoots start growing and taking shape and very soon, the plant is full of nascent leaves all over. Life radiating from each leaf.


But sometimes, a plants stands leafless for longer duration. Shoots refuse to appear and leaves do not form at all. Roots too are unable to respond and play their role. When that condition persists, the plant is said to be dead. It is no longer a plant but mere wood, worthy of being felled down, cut down into logs and sleepers and used for various purposes.


Anything that does not grow is inanimate, dead. The tree is a glaring example of that. Same procedure goes with all other living beings including the human beings. In the humans, body cells go through the renewal and  regeneration process to keep it living. Growth thus is the evidence of life.


Growth is basically reflected in two ways – ageing (physical) and maturing (mental and spiritual). Ageing tells how old a person is, in years, while maturing stands for the ripening of one’s wisdom, i.e., mental growth. There ought to be proper balance between the two. Ones chronological age should be directly proportionate to the mental/spiritual age. But how?


Ageing, as you know, is a natural process. We do not have to do anything to grow old. One after the other, years keep getting added to our age, of their own, and we keep growing. But maturity on the other hand is something else. It pertains to mental growth and is unique to human beings. It is spiritual in nature and involves an inner transformation. Man has to work consciously to obtain spiritual growth.   


Spiritual growth comes through spiritual awareness and awakening, knowledge and practice. One has to strive for spiritual maturity through spiritual knowledge and its meaningful pursuits. Once a person achieves it, he/she finds it illuminating his/her path and leading a successful and meaningful life. Such a person would never feel a lack of life force. He/she is on a sure way to emancipation.


A mature person is capable of facing life’s situations, especially problems, in a better way. Each successful or even unsuccessful experience adds to his/her maturity, i.e., mental age. There is no dearth of men and women who have attained mental growth to extraordinary levels. They grew their way to emancipation.


An emancipated soul is a power house of strength and life force, not only for one’s own self but for others too. People seek support and guidance from them in their moments of crises.They become the enlightened ones, the light house, for the humanity suffering in the dark ocean of life. The Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi have been two of the all time idols for a growth seeker.


So why wait? Know thyself and thy spiritual maturity. Assess yourself for your mental and spiritual growth. Practice your spiritual wisdom and shine like a beacon, for yourself, your folks and the society at large. Remember, you are a living, vibrating being or a log of wood lies entirely in your hand alone. Make your choice and consciously work towards it.



Ashok Misra




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