Mother Nature’s Green Umbrella

Mother Nature’s Green Umbrella

100_7585 100_7587

Braving the summer heat, with

scorching sun showering

nothing but fire, 

threatening to parch the land, 

and the life thereon – 

birds, animals and the humans. 


There stands

a green patch, spread gloriously     

so cool…so soothing

to the eye and the body

and…the soul,

to hold the wrath of the sun

for a while

until he calls it a day. 


Mother nature’s cool shade, 

the best of the umbrellas, 

the sun-screens ever made 

to protect life from the

vagaries of extreme heat…dehydration

and probable death, 


The green comes as a divine relief, 

the protective umbrella 

to let the life survive and sustain,

moving on and on.



Ashok Misra



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