Bye Bye! See You Next Season


On a moist morning

in the park,

as I took a bend

I was stunned for a moment

to see a thick sheet…

a yellow carpet, all petals

spread full length

under an amaltaas tree.

‘Wow! O green sage,’ I uttered,

‘What a spectacular piece of art,

the exquisite floral carpet you’ve got spun!

How did you put it together?

With a delightful smile

came the modest answer,

‘thanks you paused to view, appreciate,

yes… it takes some labor and passion intense

a desire to please others

and leave the world

a better place.’

‘I wove it whole night

dropping petal by petal

tenderly arranging

in the carpet form.

And see?

It’s not yet complete.

Naughty breeze keeps ruffling and shuffling

and poor me keeping mending.

But no worries,

that’s my job.

I’ll keep on till my very last petal.’

‘But what if someone brooms

the withered, dried petals away,

drops these in the bin over there?

Oh no bother, that’s but natural

don’t you know?

Dry leaves, petals make good garbage and hey…

perfect recycle material

for manure, to nourish

famished plants, got it?’

‘Yes of course, and I do give in.

You’re incorrigibly benign…divine!  I bow to you!’

‘Cheer up man! See you next season, bye bye!’

‘Bye,’ said I with a mild smile

and moved on,

carrying some awesome floral memories.


Ashok Misra


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