Rejuvenating Thoughts on the Riverfront


Land, water

and sky – 

together in perfect harmony, 

at the riverfront! 

There’s so much space  

of all kinds, 

to catch puffs and puffs of fresh air 

in an overcrowded, space starved metro 

gasping for breath.

You simply have to 

approach, outstretch your arms

to embrace nature,

in a pure, unblemished, divine form, 

and have your fill 

of rejuvenation  

for yet another spell of

hectic urban schedule.

But hark!

Strain you eyes to

read the ‘conditions apply’ –

In order to receive nature’s bounty,

approach it consciously, with awareness 

and care, concern and respect

and infinite love!

Must take a leaf 

from the age old wisdom of

nature lovers

from time immemorial!


Ashok Misra

(At the Ganga Barrage, Kanpur, India)


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