Make Happiness Chase You


‘Do not chase happiness,’ they say, ‘rather make happiness chase you.’ Easier said than done? Maybe, but it is not impossible! Yes, with awareness, willingness and sincere effort, you can make it a fruitful realty.

That brings us to the basic question – how? How to make happiness chase us? To start with, we will need to get our facts right. We ought to have a true picture of what happiness is and what it is not; which is real happiness and which, the false one.

The happiness people are usually found chasing seems, by and large, of the materialistic type. It appears pretty alluring at the outset. But later on, turns out quite illusive, tempting them to go on and on, feverishly, endlessly. Ultimately, they are left disappointed, stressed and totally exhausted. Do we really have to overdo in our pursuit for happiness? Perhaps not!

However,  that does not means we should shun material pursuits altogether. We are not  ascetics nor monks who have renounced the world, having nothing to do with home and relations; career and life. Material attributes are definitely part and parcel of our lives. And they all require money to a certain reasonable extent.

But what happens, gradually materialistic concerns, especially money and things we can obtain with it, seem to become our top priority. Of course they are useful, even necessary, but only to a certain extent.  Let us not forget that they are means to our life and not the end. They sustain us, i.e., determine how we spend our life with ease and dignity. But they are not the ‘end’.

Coming back to the original point, i.e., how to make happiness chase us? One thing is certain, that it won’t be by materialistic approach. It has to be something different, but what? We will have to look for some other options.  It could well be the spiritual path, like that of humanity, with a good measure of compassion. Let us say, we can start by simply doing what makes us happy, and others too.

In a nutshell, we need to be proactive. We ought to make it a habit and put it into our routine. Each morning, let us give ourselves some small goal, execute it well and feel the joy, contentment at our small success. That would give us self-confidence to tackle larger challenges lying ahead. And for sure, we will have a nice feeling when we finally hit the bed, and a tight sleep is assured.

As you know, as humans, one of our major sources of joy is – making someone else happy. For example, by putting a smile on someone’s lips. So simple it sounds, but how would you follow it?

For that, you will have to step out of your own self. Look around yourself, especially at people in need, with compassion and humanity. Be nice to them. Lend them a helping hand, and even if they do not need anything, or you don’t have to give anything, you can give them a smile of your own. That would put a return smile on their lips. Remember, smiles have a ripple effect, and you find many times more reflecting back. See? Happiness came chasing you? That was the first step. The more you move on the blessed path, the more of happiness you’ll find coming down to you and you would never have to go chasing for it.

When you give naturally, without judgment, that is compassion. Why not make compassion your second nature. Each act of compassion produces positive vibes and energy. Enjoy the positive energy produced by your generosity and compassion. Bask in the sunshine of your humanitarian, joy-giving acts. Reflect the glow of your positive thoughts and deeds all around you. Then all of a sudden, you’ll discover happiness coming chasing you, knocking at your door. “Knock knock! Anybody in?”


Ashok Misra



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