Cactus Flaunts … it’s Blossoms


Yes, cactus I am,

desert dry, thorn studded,

not usually known

for colourful blooms

attracting butterflies flitting,

bees and beetles buzzing,

like all other floral delights.

But I too am a floral being,

having a fair right

to blossom,

even if rarely, once in a blue moon.

Hello, just have a look

at my flowers!

Aren’t they pretty,

smiling innocently

amidst thorns all around?

Pretty tough task, especially

for the tender ones, ain’t it?

I know, you never expected me

to blossom like this…too crazy,

miraculous rather.

But miracles do happen,

just stop by, relish

when you find one,

like the one I flaunt!


Ashok Misra


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