Through the Vast Ocean of Loneliness

 Photo0292 - Copy

[ ‘A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life. All else is false.’  — R.K.Narayan. The English Teacher ]

Getting together, 

spending moments in togetherness – 

happy moments and sad ones, 

and then dispersing … in different directions! 

That is the way of life!

That is the law of life!

Life is just a cycle

of union and separation,

the two dimensions of life 

and then, a vast ocean

of loneliness,  which,

the lone traveler has to sail

all by himself.

The vast ocean of loneliness is

in fact, the third dimension, the buffer,

to mentally prepare the traveler

for what lies through and

beyond the ocean.

Happily, that happens to be

the final test of the living, 

before he/she manages

to hit the FINISH line

and vanish with a relieved  ‘Good Bye’


Ashok Misra

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