The Mountain River


When water goes scarce,

reduced to a mere trickle,

the mountain river seems to strain harder,

braving the rocks and pebbles

that threaten to block its way.

The challenge, however

makes the emaciated stream

a bit frustrated, but more determined,

since it’s her test of perseverance,

the struggle for survival.

Thoroughly fatigued, feeble,

it keeps flowing adamantly, furiously,

till the very last drop

when it hits the river bed,

taking shelter in mother earth’s bosom.

In mother’s embrace,

it finds solace, lying peacefully,

until divine reinforcements arrive – from the sky

and all other directions,

as fresh, vibrant water

the next season.

The mountain river rises yet again,

in its reincarnation,

all bubbling and youthful

with a robust stream,

drowning the rocks and pebbles

in its stride.

Doesn’t life seem to resemble

the river at times –

with it’s ups and downs,

confronting the challenges,

accepting them and holding on,

finding rejuvenation

and finally rising  again reincarnated.

Thus flows the stream of life

year after year…

life after life!


Ashok Misra

*Pic.of river Binwa (Binduka), a tributary of the Beas, at  Baijnath, the exotic Siva Jyotirlinga (pics. below) in Kangra district, Himanchal Pradesh, India.

All pics. by Ashok Misra

100_6444 100_6450100_6445 100_6449


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