Monsoon Green

Monsoon Green

Moti Jheel.April 11 006 IMG_20150807_072140576_HDR

Green has never had it

so well … so rich, 

as in this mesmerizing season

of the year – the Monsoon.

Mother nature

proudly flaunting

all the different hues of green –

parrot green and bottle green;

military green and grey green. 

Every single plant and leaf 

wearing a sparkling,

freshly washed and dust-free texture.

So soothing!

What a feast to the eyes of the beholder! 

Now I know why

everyone is so raving mad

about the green charisma 

of the nature,

and nature’s prophets

never tire of

capturing the magic

in their verses.

So? Shall we rename…call 

all the myriad hues,

innumerable varieties of green, together 



Ashok Misra


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