For a Successful, Happy You

For a Successful, Happy You


Grab the moment NOW! The sun cascading through the clouds, for just a moment.

Split between the time frames –

past, present and future,

we sometimes lose consciousness  about

where we are,

where we ought to be, and

where ought not to be.

The living moment, as you know, is

none but the present, your being,

full of potential and possibilities,  the NOW!

But the past sadly, is gone, is no more…

lying frozen in the time frame.

You can’t touch it, except in memory.

Better forget what is past!

And the future, which is yet to arrive,

lives only in anticipation,

of some dream or hope

you can’t touch until

it turns into the present.

So the present is the

‘is’ moment, the ‘Now’…

to be lived in, always.

‘Live always in the present,

the ‘now’, they say,

not in the past nor future.’

Okay, fine!  But how?

Can there be

a surgical dissection

of time, to pick

the present  and drop the rest?

Well, certainly not!

‘Cause you know we instinctively

keep oscillating, pendulum-like,

from present to past, or

present to future  and back.

Sooner or later

you have to realize, grow awareness

and consciousness, as to

where you ought to be and how.

Therein lies the secret of

a successful, happy you!


Ashok Misra

( Ashok Misra, clicked through a speeding railway train window.)


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