An Awesome Evening Show

An Awesome Evening Show


Isn’t it refreshing sometimes,

to pause for a while

on the roadside,

and have a look at

the beautiful clouds,

spread lustily, across the western sky?

The clouds

in various shapes and hues,

gathering together

and taking the tired sun

in a cool hug …

a soothing embrace,

before bidding it a friendly ‘bye’,

as it prepares to hit the horizon

for the night!

But the sun is the sun, after all!

It doesn’t forget to cheer up,

light up the glassy top

of the deep, placid lake

tucked under,

among the green mountains.

No wonder I stood mesmerized,

watching the awesome evening show,

till the very last scene

at the fag end of the day!


Ashok Misra

(Pics. by Ashok Misra, taken at the Bushy Lake near Lonawala, India)


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