Our Tryst with Time

Our Tryst with Time


Day and night 

‘tick-tick, tick-tick,’   

the clock-beat ticks on and on   

and we go along,  

journeying on the wings of time   

that never pause nor stop.

Time almighty holds us  

the very moment

we come into existence.   

It plays our facilitator and mentor   

regulator and …

well … terminator.

We move with it and   

rush with it,   

sometimes we have to trail after it   

and finally, part with it.   

Yes, we drop down somewhere and

the time passes on. 

Through the journey,

we sometimes come across happy moments      

that make us delighted about the ‘good times’. 

At others, we’re struck by sorrows   

that make us suffer

and grieve about the ‘bad times’.   

But remember, time changes!

That is it’s nature … that is its law.

Good times or bad times,

they do not come to stay forever.

They come and go.

We simply have to live them, gracefully, uncomplaingly.  

That was the age-old tale 

of our tryst with time.   

And the moral of the tale being, that –

Through all our hardships and travails,

we’ve to hold  on, with patience and courage,

doing our bit to survive, keep afloat,

until our time changes for better.


Ashok Misra


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