Watching a Beautiful Morning Show

Watching a Beautiful Morning Show


Passing by the eastern flank 

of the beautiful lake, 

my steps pause for a while 

to watch the mesmerizing  

morning show of nature at play.

The sun above, sportingly 

playing hide and seek 

from behind the large, sprawling tree.

But not forgetting to light up the lake surface.

Birds of different types, 

their bellies stuffed with plenty of worms, 

add music to the morning, 

singing gleefully in a melodious chorus.   

A gentle, pleasant breeze   

is clearly visible   

in the tiny creases … ripples,

on the otherwise placid glassy top of the lake.

And lo, the red flowers 

hanging from the tree branches 

strain hard to reach out

to the frolicking wavelets, though unsuccessfully.

The earth, the  mother benign,

looks on dotingly, contentedly, at

all its creations at play,  

having a nice cool time.


Ashok Misra 



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