Hope Never Dies

Hope Never Dies

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Isn’t it amazing, miraculous 

to suddenly discover

signs of life, revival 

after a deep, near fatal crisis,

rather virtual death?

Yes, it was unbelievable last morning 

to see tiny, nascent green shoots

popping out from burnt, seemingly dead

branches of a sprawling jasmine creeper

and a harsingaar tree, occupying

two corners of our compound, for years,

blooming generously

in small white starry flowers 

intoxicating the air with

their combined, heady fragrance.

How heart-warming it was,

touching indeed to discover

tiny shoots carrying  

a message of life, and

the reassurance that there are

a lot more of them following. 

A promise looked apparent

that soon, the dead twigs would resurrect,

like Phoenix from the ashes, and

the entire plants would turn green,

bubbling with life,    

growing buds and flowers 

to make the atmosphere pleasant,

alive yet again.

You know how that must have happened? 

Hope … yes hope was the magic mantra

that produced the miracle.  

The nature teaches that,

the plants learnt and followed that

and never lost the hope. 

Hope, you know, never dies! 

Let your hope never die!

Make it your mantra of life

to pull you through

the toughest times,

like my friends, the plants did 

and survived!


Ashok Misra

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