Watching a Tiny Bud

Watching a Tiny Bud


What a joy it is

to stop by and watch 

a tiny bud, peeping out shyly

from its green, leafy nest. 

The bud, a symbol of hope and expectation 

carries a wordless promise

of a marvel in waiting.

Promise it is  

of blooming, turning into

a flower, the sweetest marvel of nature,

created so thoughtfully 

to make the earth

a beautiful place to live. 

The flower, beyond doubt, comes

as a divine representative,   

sent down to cheer us all, 

to teach us a lesson on 

how to make a sweet, innocent smile

and how to live a happy life.

So, how about going out,

finding such a smiling face

at some secluded, tranquil spot, 

picking up a couple of bloomy tips 

on art of smiling, as a divine blessing!

And start living simply, innocently

like them.


Ashok Misra  


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