Rising with the Sun

                                                   Rising with the Sun


Our forefathers and elders have always advised us to ‘Rise with the sun.’ The stricter ones even ensured that we do obey their advice/command. They would give us wake up calls, mild nudges, and when we fail to comply, even sprinkle cold water on the face to scare the sleep away for the day. As a result, we wittingly or unwittingly reaped numerous benefits that helped us build our lives and in the long run, make our destiny. Early risers, they say, live a life full of greater achievements, fulfillment and happiness.

Let us perceive the phrase in its idiomatic sense and not the literal. In simple terms, it refers to the habit of rising early in the morning. The habit, if pursued regularly, showers a good number of benefits upon the early riser. It provides a cutting edge to the blessed soul and not only makes his/her day but even his/her life.

Talking of the perks of early rising, first and foremost, one gets more waking/working hours, minutes and seconds every day than the non-early risers. Early risers get up with their nerves calm and composed. As a result, they are mostly free from hurry and worry. In a single word, they are cool. That is ideal for those in the mind jobs. Clarity of thinking enables them to plan their day better and do justice to each item on their agenda for the day. They are able to perform their things with better perfection.

Such people approach the end of the day with a sense of deep satisfaction. They derive a relaxed, peaceful feeling in the evening. That helps them have their dinner at ease, and if they are not the nocturnal type, they would call it a day with another time tested dictum and getting ‘early to bed’. That is bound to ensure them a sound and  rejuvenating sleep. Remember, early to bed paves way for early to rise, and consequently make one healthy, wealth and of course, wise.

If by now, you find yourself getting tempted  and inclined to join the community of early risers, but do not know how to go about that, just tell yourself, it is not so difficult as you might have imagined. You might start with the age-old companion, the alarm clock, or a modern phone alarm. Within a week, you would discover that your biological clock has taken over, and you’re up even before the alarm rings up. Ain’t that wonderful?

So friends, rise with the sun, and rest assured, you’ll shine like the sun!


Ashok Misra


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